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They are those fabrics that have been decorated by design applied to the fabric after it has been constructed. It is a coloured design created through application of dyes.

Types of Printing

1. Resist Printing: This is oldest method of applying surface design. The basic principal of resist printing is the protection of certain areas of fabric by some device to prevent dye penetration. It has 2 methods.

2. Tie & Dye : The fabric is spread over pointed objects and tiny puffs of the fabric are tied tightly with threads and dipped into colour where the fabric was to resist colour, it was protected by the thread both was retied for dipping in separate colour. Batik : This method was used by Indonasians and people or Jawa Melted wase is applied on the portions to remove unefected by colour. The fabric is dipped in the dye and after dying wase is removed sometime, the wase cracks giving a good design.

3) Block Printing: Fabrics are stamped with blocks Printing. A separate block is recquired for each colour and on the smooth. Surface dye is applied on the design carved position of the blocks. Blocksis pressed on the fabric, so dye is transferred on the fabric. These blocks are basically made of wood or patatoes etc. Stencil printing Screen printing Discharge Printing :- In this printing, when the fabric is printed, colour is removed from same places. Roller Printing.

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