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Hindu Clothes


Hindu Clothes presents the Hinduism culture, tradition and diversification of India. India is primarily a Hindu religion country but has people of religions living together from Muslim, sikh, Christian and other communities.

Hindu Clothes is form of pure clothing which is not only worn in special ceremonies and functions but also for daily Day wear Hinduism Clothes. White is considered in Hindu clothes as the pure clothing. Hindu Clothes has many different looks. One type of Hindu Clothes is Salwar kameez or salwar suit which is not only worn by Hindu but also by muslims all over India. Another type of Hinduism clothes is worn by hindu women all over the world is Saris which is also part of hindu wedding clothes. Another very popular type of Hindu clothes is Lengha Choli which is worn as hindu wedding clothes and also in engagements and other festivals and functions. Hindu Clothes are not only simple clothing but also have rich embroidery over it making it exclusive and rich. Even in Men Hindu clothes come in various simple to rich Form. Kurta Pyjama or Dhoti Kurta which are mainly preferred in white are worn not only in day to day wear buy also in Hindu festival and functions. Hindu clothes for men also include the rich form of clothing like Sherwani which is rich in embroidery and worn by grooms and in Hindu functions.
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