Artificial Indian Jewellery

Artificial Indian Jewellery

Artificial Indian Jewellery

In 1980’s and before it Artificial Indian Jewellery was for women who could not buy real jewellery. Gold jewellery was one of the prefered jewellery and those buying artificial Indian Jewellery were considered low society. In the past few years things have changed tremondously over the years as Gold prices started increasing Artificial jewellery became more and more common and an accepted way of life for an modern era women.

As the crime rate grew along with gold price large number women going to offices felt safer wearing artificial jewellery. An office going women was not looking to buy heavy jewelry for day to day wear so artificial jewellery started making more and more sense. You can many designs of Indian Artificial Jewellery in an month but the same can not be done with real gold due to cost factor.

As Indian Economy grew more and more people started coming in Middle class the popularity of¬†Artificial Indian Jewellery surpassed every one’s expectation. Besides this women of India are very fond of wearing jewellery whether in day to day wear of for party wear or for an occasion.

Due to ever increasing demand every year new stylish and trendy designs started getting introduced taking the market of Artificial Indian Jewellery to new heights. Now whether its the main metro like Delhi or Mumbai but even smaller towns and cities also became big consumers.

Whether its Television Serial or Bollywood movie you will find most of the artist and actresses wearing Artificial Jewellery. The only down fall in Artificial Indian Jewellery is that it fades over the years which is not the case in real gold. Besides this con there are only pros but keeping the cost in mind people do not mind even if it is there for few years.

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