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Indian Bangles


Indian Bangles have a long history in the rich heritage, culture and tradition of India. Indian Bangles have been worn by both Indian men and women since thousands of year. Even during 1500 BC during Indus Valley Civilization we see the reference of Indian Bangle. The Indian Bangles are not only worn in today’s modern Era by Indian women in day to day wear. Although it is considered important and auspicious for a married woman to wear in India. You feel find a newly married Indian women wearing many Indian Bangles in Red or Pink. In India when a women becomes a widow its tradition to break the bangles. Indian women buy Bangles for every occasion and festival especially during Teej, Karvachauth, Rakhi, wedding and many more occasions.

Indian Bangle are made of glass, gold, silver, copper, metal and even beads. Indian bangles set can start as low as Rs. 90 to Rs. 1,00,000 depending on whether it’s artificial or real or of glass or beads.

Indian Bangle vary as per the region or states of India. The West Bengal Lac Bangles are very famous and worn religiously by Bengalis during Durga Puja and other occasions. Glass Bangles are made in Ferozabad in Uttar Pradesh State in Northern Region of India. It is preferred by Indians not only in India but all over the world.

Even Indian Goddess are offered Indian Bangles like in south Indian women present black bangles to goddess. In Kolkatta Red Bangles are Given to Goddess “Kali” while in Maharashtra Green Indian Bangles are offered to the goddess.
The importance of Indian Bangles can be derived from the factor that it’s considered good omen to Gift Bangles on special occasion. A newly married Indian women from Punjab has to wear a complete set of Indian Bangles for a period of 14 days. These are known as choora in Punjab. In Gujarat when an Indian women conceives then the sister in law presents her with silver bangles as a good luck charm.

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