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Indian Bracelet


An Indian bracelet is one of the important jewelry in Indian jewellery. Indian Bracelets have been worn since the Indus Valley Civilization when Indian jewellery came into being. The era was from 3600 BC to 1000BC. During this era both men and women used to were Indian Bracelet. The Indian bracelet is worn by both men and women around the wrist along with Indian Bangles. Indian Bracelets are made in variety of material like leather, metallic, wood, plastic and many other material. In addition to these material uses of fake stones and gems make it more beautiful.
Indian Bracelet go very long way including 5000 BC when it was made of real stones, wood and other natural available material. Indian Bracelet during this era even had religious belief and was worn to wad of evil. Egypt has a longtime history in Indian bracelet where it was considered important for regeneration and rebirth. Indian Bracelets have also been part of Mummies found by archeologist.
In the modern world Indian Bracelet is worn in day to wear as part of fashion or as a lucky charm but one thing is for sure Indian bracelet are here to stay for many more centuries.
Indian Bracelet is made of glass, gold, silver, copper, metal and even beads. Indian Bracelet set can start as low as Rs. 90 to Rs. 1, 00,000 depending on whether it’s artificial or real or of glass or beads.

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