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Indian Clothes are not only admired and loved by the Indians but have also gained its popularity worldwide. India is a country with diverse cultures and traditions which can be seen in various Indian clothes of different states of India. Indian clothes not only have kept its traditional look but also has touched western styles and cuts to bring a new trend in Indian clothes that is Indo western wear.

Indian Clothes although vary as per various regions but still has the same Indian Clothing. Saree has been in the Dictionary of Indian Clothes since the Ancient culture. Indian Saree is basically a 5.50 meter to 6 meter Fabric which is worn with saree blouse on the top. The Fabric is draped around the waist with pleats and tucked in the mid waist and then is used drape the front blouse. The fabric used in the Saree along with the kind of work or design on the fabric is different in saree giving it various names as Kanjeevaran or Patola or Kantha Saree. We will study the details of these Indian clothes in other topic.

The other type of Indian Clothes or Indian Clothing that is very popular especially in the Northern region of India is Salwar Kameez or Salwar Suit. This is a preferred Indian Clothing - Indian Clothes as it’s easy to wear and compared to saree is much more comfortable as it gives the body complete movement freedom. This Indian clothes – Indian Clothing has a Long top or the kameez which goes up to the knees along with salwar which is baggy type trousers worn in the lower part of the body. The dupatta is taken around the neck which is a 2 meter long fabric. More details of this Indian clothes – Indian clothing we will study in the salwar kameez section.

While the above is the most common Indian Clothes – Indian Clothing worn by women of India. The Traditional Men Clothing has been Dhoti Kurta which transformed itself in Kurta Pyjama and then with British Raj leaving its culture of Pant Shirt, Indian Men started wearing Pant shirt especially in the cosmopolitan or metro cities of Indian region. Now days Dhoti in Indian Clothes - Indian clothing is something only seen in the rural part of India. Similar to dhoti another common Men Indian clothes is the lungi which again has lost its touch in day to day wear.

In the 21st Century Indian Clothes have been guided by Television, Newspapers, Magazines, Bollywood – Indian Film industry and Indian clothes – Indian Clothing fashion designers have played a major role in the changes that have transformed Indian clothes.

Indian Clothes – India Clothing have constantly changed with smart, upto date sexy changes as we have adopted various western cuts and styling while keeping our heritage and traditional look. Indian clothes – Indian clothing can be tailor made or made to order clothes. This option gives the wearer of Indian clothes the best fitting clothes. The biggest plus point of the made to order option is that even large sizes like 50 or even more can be made for the convenience of people on the healthier side. Indian Clothes can be made in various fabrics like chiffon, georgette, net, silk, satin and many more choices.