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Indian Dress


Indian dresses are traditional Dresses with a long history traced till Indus Valley Civilisation. Although over many centuries the Indian dress has evolved but the traditional basics of the Dresses from India Remain the Same. Indian Dress can be categorized into following:

SAREE - Saree is a traditional Indian dress worn by women in India. This Indian dress has an ancient history and is still considered a traditional Indian dress among the People of India. The Sarees is part of Indian Dresses that Indian women wear not only in Traditional Ceremony but also in Parties and day to day wear.
Indian Dress Saree is made of various Fabrics which is on an average 6 mtrs in length and is 44 inches broad. If you go to any region or state in India you will find this Indian Dress as part of every woman’s wardrobe. This Indian Dress comes in variety of fabric and embroidery making each Dress is different from other.
Indian Dress Saree is worn along with an inner petticoat and a blouse. Many Indian Dresses Online shops and other stores in India have this Indian Dress displayed in their outlets and stores. Designer prefers to call this Indian Dress shop as boutiques.

SALWAR KAMEEZ – Indian Dress Salwar kameez dates back to the 12th century since the Islamic or the Iranian era During those days it was men and women both used to wear salwar kameez as part of the Indian Dress but over the years this Indian Dress has found its popularity in India and Pakistan and Dress is still worn in the continent.
Indian Dresses, the salwar kameez is divided into three different set. The first part of this Indian Dress is the salwar which is more of baggy trousers which is tied by a string on the waist or even with elastic. The second Part of this Indian Dress is the kameez which form the top the salwar kameez which flows from the top till the knees or can be above or below the knees as per styling. Then the last part of this Indian Dress from India is the dupatta which is a free flowing fabric about 2 meters in length. This complete Indian Dress is made in 6.25 meters fabric. The salwar of this Indian Dress is made in 2.25 meters, the kameez of this Indian Dress from India is made in 2 mtrs and the dupatta is made in 2 meters. The total of 6.25 meters can vary as per large sizes and also as per the designing of this Indian Dresses. Indian Dresses, the salwar kameez is made in various fabrics like silk, cotton, georgette, chiffon and many other fabrics.

LENGHA – Indian Dresses, Lengha is worn along with choli on the Top thus also giving this Indian dress another name Lengha Choli. This Indian Dress come in three pieces the choli which covers the upper body like a Top or blouse. The choli of this Indian Dress is cut to fit the body and comes in various neck designs like low neck or halter neck design. The Choli or the top of this Indian Dresses from India ends above the waist level so that the navel can seen. The lower of the lengha of this Indian Dress is a skirt shaped dress. This Indian Dress comes with a Dupatta which is worn around the neck or used to cover the Head. While the Indian women wear this Indian Dress in Rural parts of India like in Rajasthan and Gujarat in day to day wear. This Indian Dress can be found in the culture of many Asian countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and India.
Indian Dresses, Lengha is a breathtaking beautiful ensemble which signifies the rich Indian heritage of dressing which enables a woman to explore her feminity in full glory. This Indian Dress is one of the oldest Indian attire which has evolved in a big way over the decades and is becoming more and more demanding all over the world.

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