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Indian Earrings


Indian Earrings are jewellery as the name suggests worn in ears. It can be worn either by getting the ear lobes pierced or by using clipons. Normally an Indian woman starts wearing earrings even before it reaches its teens which are normally at the age of 12-13 years old and even before that. Due to such fondness for Indian earring Indian girls normally gets their ears pierced at a very early age.
Real Indian Earrings are normally made of gold and silver with diamond or precious stone on it. Such Indian Earring can also be without any stones in plain gold or Silver. Fashion Indian Earrings are made of various materials like beads, artificial stones and gems, plastic and various other materials. To give Indian earrings the required sparkle it can be gold plated, silver plated or copper plated. Indian earrings come in various size and weight. The more the artificial stones more the weight of the Indian earring. The weight also depends on the size as some Indian earring as some earrings are much longer than others.

Indian earring has been one of the most preferred ornaments since ages and can be traced through out our history. Indian earring has been preferred by men and women of all ages and all cultures varying from western culture to eastern culture. Indian earring comes in various forms and shapes and can be categorized into the following: 1. Stud Indian earrings 2. Hoop Indian earrings 3. Dangle Indian earring 4. Huggy Indian earrings 5. Long Indian earring 6. Small Loop Indian Earrings
Although the designs and shape of earrings including material used will change in the coming decades but earring will still remain one of the most preferred jewellery ornaments worn.

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