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India History of making Indian jewellery goes back the longest and the oldest in the history of the world. Indian started making Indian Jewellery since more than 5000 years during the Indus Valley Civilization. Even in the Indian Epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata the reference of Indian Jewellery is there. Indian jewellery during the Indus Valley civilization was made in Beads. The size of beads in the Indian Jewellery was about one millimeter. Over the year’s people of Indus valley innovated in making Indian Jewellery from not only beads but also Gold and Metal. Indian Jewellery was worn by both men and women but it found its preference mainly in Indian women over the years. By the 300 BC era Indian started mining Diamonds. The mining of Diamond added the sparkle to Indian Jewellery with use of Diamonds now being common in Indian Jewellery along with gold, silver and copper. Even Today in India you will find every women wearing Indian Jewellery from real to Artificial. Especially during the Indian wedding the jewellery worn is the best and the heaviest the women has. The use of Indian Jewellery worn during wedding and festivals is considered not only auspicious but also displays the Richness or Royally of the wearer.

Indian Jewellery has become part of Indian culture, heritage and tradition. Indian Jewellery makes Indian women feminine and sensual. Indian Jewellery offers a variety of collection from Traditional Indian Jewellery to modern Jewellery which is much lighter and simpler compared to traditional Indian jewellery. The more jewellery has a more of western approach in its design. Indian Jewellery preferred by Indian women is more of Gold Jewellery or Diamond Jewellery. Gold Indian Jewellery along with the use of Precious stones Like Kundan etc. are also preferred by Indian Women. As the Gold and Diamond Indian Jewellery are preferred by Indian women but in Day to Day wear such Jewellery is less commonly used and Indian Fashion Jewellery and Costume Jewellery has takes its place. Such Indian jewellery is made using imitation stones and metal with gold or silver polish and are less expensive compared to the real jewellery.

Famous traditional Indian Jewellery has meenakari and use of Kundan in Indian Jewellery. This type of Indian Jewellery has been in practice since the Mughal Empire. Indian Jewellery making is divided into various regions as per the culture and tradition. Infact Surat in Gujarat has the largest Diamond polishing Industry in The world. In the Indian region of eastern India in Orissa we have more of Indian Jewellery made in silver while in Jaipur we have more of Meenakari Jewellery.

Indian Jewellery is not only worn in the Neck as necklace but its worn in ears as earrings, in nose as nose rings, in anklets, forehead as Maang Tikka or Tikka and in hands as Indian bangles or Indian bracelet and in fingers as Indian Rings . In Indian Jewellery History we had various categories in which jewellery can be divided like
1. Meenakari and Indian Kundan Jewellery - Meenakari and Indian Kundan jewellery can be categorized in necklace and choker. This type of Indian Jewellery has been influenced by the Mogul Empire era. The use of Precious Indian gems and stones in making of this jewelery makes them special. The Designing of this type of Indian Jewellery contains Flower motif and leaves.

2. Temple Indian Jewellery - The origin of Temple Indian Jewellery goes back to chola dynasty in India. The Designs of Temple Jewelery can be associated with animals like peacock jewelry and even fruits like mango. The metal used in making the base of this kind of Indian Jewellery was gold on which ruby and pearl were added by skilled craftsmen who painfully added the gems and rubies in the design of this Indian Jewellery.

3. Antique Indian Jewellery – This type of jewelery is more of artificial jewelry where the metal is polished in dull gold or with oxidized gold to give an antique impression.

4. Indian Imitation Jewellery – This type of Indian Jewellery is totally artificial with the real gold replaced by gold or silver polish over metal and Diamonds, Rubies, pearls replaced by artificial stones and gems.

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