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Indian Lengha


Indian Lengha has along history which can be even traced to 2 BC period. Indian Lengha known to us was bought in forefront during the Mughal Empire. During the Mughal Empire Indian Lengha were made in a similar way as per today with the only difference being that the hand embroidered material used was all very expensive. During this era Indian Lengha used to have real gold, Silver, Semi precious and precious stones on the work of the Indian Lengha. The work was so rich due to its details hand embroidery that one Indian Lengha could weight more that 15 kilogram.
Indian lengha also know as Indian Lehenga has variety of work on it from the Zardozi work Indian Lengha where golden Thread is used to do the hand embroidery on the Indian Lengha as it was done in the earlier times during the mogul era. Another type of work on the Indian Lengha is Dabka embroidered Indian Lengha etc.
Besides wedding Indian Lengha are worn in day to Day by Indian women in the Region of Gujarat and Rajasthan in the rural region. In Gujarat the Bandhani touch is added to the Indian Lengha with the tie and dye effect commonly seen while in Rajasthan mirror embroidery on bright colors like Red and green can be commonly seen. The dupatta used in the region is normally plain or not used at all.
Indian Lengha can be divided into various categories as per the occasion, fabric and work on it like:
1.Silk Indian Lengha
2.Bridal Indian Lengha
3.Wedding Indian Lengha
4.Zardozi Indian Lengha
5.Dabka Indian Lengha
6.Banarsi Georgette Indian Lengha
7.Brocade Indian Lengha
8.Satin Indian Lengha
9.Stone Indian Lengha
10.Georgette Indian Lengha
11.Chiffon Indian Lengha
12.Cotton Silk Indian Lengha
13.Raw Silk Indian Lengha

These are only some of the category as Indian Lengha can be further categorized even as per the region like
1.Bandhani Indian Lengha
2.Tye and Dye Indian Lengha
3.Mirror work Indian Lengha

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