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Polki Jewellery


Polki Jewellery is a fine example of Indian rich traditional culture. "Polki" the word means a uncut and unfinished Diamond. This diamond comes straight from the mines and are not send to the lab or are finished in any manner. So Polki is Diamond in the most natural Form. In the Polki Jewellery these Diamonds are placed on 24 carat Gold or artificial gold plated base in various designs which are sometimes further enhanced by meenakari work which is intricate hand paint using enamel colors to add a design on it. Since the diamonds are not finished but in raw form Polki Jewellery does not shine like a diamond jewellery sets. Polki Jewellery has been around in India since a long time and beautiful polki sets have been passed on from generations. You can buy Polki Jewellery from Jaipur although now a days you will find beautiful polki sets in all the leading stores all over India. Even a imitation or artificial Polki sets looks like a real god set as its gold plated.Polki Sets come in various designs like choker, rani har (Long Necklace) and traditional Sets. Polki Jewellery Sets can only be worn with Indian Clothes as it will not look good with western outfits. The Best Indian Dresses with which polki Sets will go are sarees and lehenga Choli. You can wear a heavy set as a bride or you can wear medium looking polki necklace for a wedding or party. If you go for real polki Jewelry than the price can start from 3 Lakhs onwards to even more than 1 crore. These sets are quite expensive due to raw diamonds and gold and out of reach for many people. So to fill in the gap comes beautiful Artificial Polki Jewellery sets which can start from Rs. 3000 and can even go upto Rs. 25000. These Polki Sets are affordable in demand and comes in latest designs. Polki Jewellery comes in various types like Necklace set, Polki Earrings, Polki Rings for finger, Mang tikka for head, Bangles, Polki BraceletYou can now also buy latest designer imitation or artificial Polki Jewellery Online via our Online Shop .