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Punjabi Suits gets its name from Punjab which is an Indian state in the north western region of India. Punjab is considered to be one of the richest states of India with high capita income. Punjabi culture is loves vibrant color like its Bhangra Dance which is again a vibrant Cultural Dance of Punjab. The Punjabi Suits is worn in Punjab or by Punjabis and thus gets its name as Punjabi Suits. Besides Punjab the Punjabi Suits are also worn in Metro’s like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta etc. by Indian Punjabi Women and thus is quite proffered as Indian women clothing in the region. Punjabi women are very fond of bright colors so the they wear bright colors like red, pink, green etc. in Punjabi Suits along with matching dupatta which can also be in double shade.

Punjabi Suits is also referred by lot of NRI’S staying abroad from India especially by Punjabis who have been settled in Canada, United Kingdom since generations. In Britain, the salwar kameez has evolved itself from salwar kameez to be known as Punjabi suits due to high presence of Punjabis especially in south hall in UK which is also know as mini India. Infact the number of immigrants from Punjabi region is so high that every single family in Punjab has many blood relatives staying abroad. The Population of Punjabi in Canada is so large that Punjabi is the second most spoken language in Canada.
The Punjabi Suits consists of an upper known as Kameez, Dupatta which is a piece of cloth worn around the head and lower is know as salwar. The Salwar is comfortably loose around the waist till the ankle making it a very comfortable dress. The bright printed colors or heavy embroidery of stones, sequins and beads is a must on all Punjabi Suits.

You can buy Punjabi suits from our online shop in latest designs. The Punjabi Suits can be categorized further into Punjabi Salwar Suits, Patiala Punjabi Suits which again comes from Patiala region in Punjab and thus its name, Wedding Punjabi Suits, Bridal Punjabi Suits, Printed Punjabi Suit, Cotton Punjabi Suits, Designer Punjabi Suits and brocade Punjabi Suits.

You will also find Phulkari Embroidery on lot of Punjabi Suits where phulkari literally means flower working which is more of floral embroidery with flower designs all over he kameez of the Punjabi Suits.

Punjabi Suits besides Phulkaris designs or embroidery also have Bagh embroidery which is worn by Punjabi women during ceremonies and weddings. During the earlier times these Punjabi Suits were not bought from the market but made by the family members themselves for their own functions and occasions. Some historians say that phulkari Punjabi suits embroidery came from Iran where it’s known as Gulkari. You will find the reference to such Punjabi suits even in the folk songs of Punjab.