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Salwar Suit


Salwar Suit is one of the most commonly worn Indian Clothing in India. The Indian women especially in the North region of India wear salwar Suit not only in day to wear but also in functions, parties, festivals, wedding and even in office. The popularity of Salwar Suit comes from the Fact it’s not only comfortable to wear but gives free movement to the body.
Salwar Suit, the name came into being from the world salwar kameez which has a long history even during the Mughal dynasty rule during the 17thand 18thcentury. During this period the Salwar Suit were mostly worn by Islamic women. The salwar Suit has survived ages through the British Raj over Indian to transform itself into the modern look salwar suit.
The 1950’s fuelled by Indian Cinema helped salwar Suit regain its importance in Indian. As the Indian cinema with its far reaching viewer ship stretched all across India even through Rural India showed the latest fashion of Salwar Suit the traditional Salwar Suit started changing its traditional look into its modern look with the latest style and cuts coming into Fashion. As we approached the 1980’s Indian Fashion Designers came into the scene and created a new trend of Salwar Suit with the Styling, cuts and embroidery changing by leaps and bounds.
In this decade Many Designer Stores have opened up offering variety of Salwar Suit about which we will descried in the below Section. The Indian mall culture has given a boost to the Designers who have flourished with retail outlets of salwar suit all over India. The Fashion Designer along with Latest Indian Cinema shows the public the latest trends and styles which are followed by the masses religiously. Aishwarya Rai, Kareena Kapoor, and many other bollywood actresses have shown us the latest Salwar Suit Fashion. Salwar Suit may have seen it ups and downs in the past centuries but at present its here to stay for many more centuries to come.
The salwar suits can be divided into variety of Categories like:
1.Printed Suit
2.Designer Salwar
3.Georgette Salwar Suit
4.Crepe Salwar
5.Chiffon Suit
6.Silk Salwar
7.Wedding Suit
8.Bridal Salwar Suit
9.Designer Salwar Suit
10.Patiala Salwar Suit
11.Cotton Salwar
12.Indo Western Suit
13.Chanderi Suit
14.Brocade Salwar

Salwar Suits can be divided further into many more categories as per fabric, embroidery and design of the salwar suit.