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The Sari has a very ancient history in the Indian subcontinent although the modern trends and styles have changed with many new designs, styles and fusion fabric coming in the market
Indian Saris History goes a long time back as sari reference is given in the Hindu epic Mahabharata. The earliest reference in arts and sculptures that have been found are from the 6th century AD. Indian Saris are till date worn from North to South India to East to west India. Wherever you travel you will see sari as normal clothing.
A sari is one of the most worn and famous women clothing in India. The Sari is normally of 6 meters although its length can vary as per the designer. The Sari is draped around the waist with one end of the sari going over the shoulders and the other around the waist. The Sari is worn along with a petticoat and a blouse. The petticoat becomes the inner below the waist area while the Blouse covers the top body area and the sari is draped over it.
The sari comes in various types depending on the state in India as different states have different prints of sari, different material of sari and different embroidery on the sari. The way a sari is worn also depends on the various states as some sari is worn with a straight pallu while some wear the sari with ulta pallu.
Indian Saris come in variety of Designs with Hand embroidery of stones, beads or pearls which are in a shape of a flower plant or a randomly created design or motif. The Fabric used in an Indian sari can vary widely from georgette Indian saris, crepe Indian saris, silk Indian Saris, cotton Indian Saris, Chiffon Indian saris and even fusion fabrics with mixture of the above materials.
Indian Saris are worn in most of the Hindu functions and festival as it’s considered and tradition Indian outfit. Indian Saris may have emerged over the years but its still considered sacred in ceremonies and are worn from teenage girls to elderly women.
Want to buy a Sari? Well there are few tips that you should remember before you buy Sari. First and foremost is that you should buy a sari that suits and compliments your Body. While doing this choice of fabric is very important.
Women on the healthier or the broad side should go for lighter fabrics like Chiffon and georgette. Crepe fabric should not be part of their ward robe as it’s a thicker material.
If your Height is Short say around 5 feet and you do not like to wear high heels then the choice of borders is very important when you buy a sari as a narrow border will suits a shorter women more and give the women a Taller look.
The next very important point is choice of color of the sari that suits your face complexion. Do not buy Sari just because it’s looking good to look at because all colors do not suit everyone. For example Wheatish Complexion people should go for darker colors or Pastel Colors as per their complexion. Hope that all the above points help you to buy Sari complimenting your looks.

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