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Salwar Kameez

Indian Salwar Kameez - Designer Salwar Kameez, Wedding Salwar Kameez, Bridal Salwar Kameez, Punjabi Suits, Salwar Suits and Chudidhar salwar kameez with latest designs of India Fashion clothes


Buy Saree online - Designer Saree / Sari , wedding Saree, Bridal Saree with latest collection from our india fashion expo online shop offering you choice of latest fashion indian clothes

Lengha Choli

Lengha - Designer Indian Lengha, Pakistani Lehnga, Wedding Lengha, Bridal Lehenga with best indian bridal wear and latest India fashion clothes

Indian Jewellery

Indian Jewellery - Latest collection of Artificial, costume, imitation, fashion and costume jewellery like necklaces, ear rings, bangles and bracelets

Kids Lengha Choli

Indian Clothes for Children - kids lehnga choli, lehenga, ghagra choli at discounted rates on sale at cheap prices from india fashion Expo

Kids Salwar Kameez

Indian clothes for children - Kids salwar kameez, kids salwar suits and churidaronline at discounted rates from india Fashion Expo

Handbag - Clutch - Purse

Women's Handbag, Clutch & Purse online - Designer and embroidered Handbags, clutch & Purse from India. Buy handbags from Latest style from india fashion expo

Hair Accessory

Hair Accessory - India Fashion collection of Handcrafted hair sticks, hair pins and hair accessories for beautiful hair styles using only the finest crystals, beads and stones

Sequin Top & Beaded Tops

Indian Clothes - Women's sequin tops, hand embroidered tops and Beaded tops Online from India FashionExpo with delivery to US, USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe

Sequin Jacket

Indian Clothes - Designer collection in Womens's beaded Jacket and sequin Jacket with worldwide delivery including US, UK, Canada, Europe and Australia

Ladies Top

Indian Clothes - Ladies and women's tops from designer collection of India Fashion expo including Beaded Tops, Hand embroidered Tops and printed tops

Women's Coat

Indian Clothes - women's coat online from our designs of Women Coats and Ladies Coats from India Fashion Expo with worldwidedelivery to US ( USA ), Canada, UK, Europe and Australia

Tunic Top

Indian Clothes - Buy Tunic Top from our online shop with latest india fashion designs and worldwide delivery including usa, us, uk, canada, Europe and Australia

Evening Dress

Indian Clothes and Dresses - Prom Dresses, Evening Dresses and Gowns, Cocktail Dresses, beaded dresses and hand embroidered dress on india fashion expo online shop


Indian Clothes - Women's range of Indian Fashion kurtis, Beaded kurti, Sequin Kurti, Long and short kurti, Embridered Kurtis, Traditional Kurtis, Silk tunics Kurti

Belly Dancing Costume

Buy Belly Dance Costume with sequin, beaded, and hand embroidery work from our online india fashion expo shop

Cushion Cover

Home Furnishing - cushion covers, silk cushion covers, sofa cushion covers, cushion cover from latest india fashion designs


Handekerchief - Cotton Handkerchief and embroidered at cheap and discounted rates on sale from India Fashion Expo


Indian Clothes - Skirts from Latest Inda Fashion Designs including Beaded Skirts, Seaquin Skirts, Embroidered Skirts and Designer Skirts

Men Jewelry

Funky Men Jewellery - Men Fashion Costume Jewelery, Body Jewelery and Bikers jewelry from india fashion expo

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India Fashion

India Fashion

India is a vast country with many traditions and cultures. From north to south and from east to west India comprises of various religions divided further in many traditions with each having a different ceremony and festivals. Due to its vast traditions India fashion varies as per region. India fashion traces can be found in our ancient history even during the Harappa and mohen-jodaro civilization. During that time period the sewing of clothes was not done but the fabric was draped over the body so saree in its earlier raw form was worn by Indian women. As centuries passed India fashion gave birth to our Indian fashion clothes like the saree and the salwar kameez. India fashion industry has grown many folds with it providing employment to more than 70 million people in India. Styles of India Fashion wearing saris and salwar-kameez have changed. The look is has become more of Metro look. India Fashion Designers have experimented a lot with India fashion clothes like the neck designs and the cuts of salwar kameez and saree blouses. India Fashion has emerged globally with film stars and Miss World Aishwarya Rai becoming the unofficial brand ambassadors of India Fashion Clothes. Mumbai the buzz capital of India has already been the India Fashion trendsetter with Bollywood, the Indian Movie industry but Delhi has also reached its prime in Indian Fashion with it huge Mall creating the India Fashion trends in fashion. These India Fashion Malls not only have International brands but also also Domestic brands all showcase under one roof. New Malls in Delhi which have added to the couture of India Fashion are Select City walk, Saket in Delhi. You can buy India Fashion Latest Clothes from our online shop and store at discount price with delivery to us, uk, canada, europe, australia and worldwide

India Clothes

Indian Clothes

Indian Clothes are not only admired and loved by the Indians but have also gained its popularity worldwide. India his a country with diverse cultures and traditions which can be seen in varion Indian clothes of different states of India. Indian clothes not only have kept its traditional look but also has touched western styles and cuts to bring a new trend in Indian clothes that is Indo western wear. Indian Clothes although vary as per various regions but still has the same Indian Clothing. Saree has been in the Dictionery of Indian Clothes since the Ancient culture. Indian Saree is basically a 5.50 meter to 6 meter Fabric which is worn with saree blouse on the top. The Fabric is draped around the waist with pleats and tucked in the mid waist and then is used drape the front blouse. The other type of Indian Clothes or Indian Clothing that is very popular especially in the Northern region of India is Salwar Kameez or Salwar Suit. This is a preferred Indian Clothing - Indian Clothes as its easy to wear and compared to saree is much more comfortable as it gives the body complete movement freedom. This Indian clothes – Indian Clothing has a Long top or the kameez which goes upto the knees along with salwar which is baggy type trousers worn in the lower part of the body. The dupatta is taken around the neck which is a 2 meter long fabric. More details of this Indian clothes – Indian clothing we will study in the salwar kameez section. You can buy India Fashion Expo Latest Dress from our online shop and store at sale price with delivery to us, uk, canada, europe, australia and worldwide

Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez

Salwar kameez dates back to the 12th century since of Islamic or the Iranian era which was then follwed by the Moghul empire in the region called now as India and Pakistan. During those days it was men and women both used to wear salwar kameez as part of the traditional dress but over the years Salwar Kameez has found its popularity in India and Pakistan and the salwar kameez is still worn in the continent. After the Independence in 1947 Salwar kameez in India started its transformation but with Khadi being Rage promoted by none other than Mahatma Gandhi – Father of the nation most of the salwar kameez were made in cotton or khadi. In the 70s the salwar kameez started its slow transformation to its today modern look as Asha Parekh, Mumtaz and many other bollywood actress started wearing new variations like mumtaz got the short kameez and the tigh churidar look which became a rage. Besided this lot of variations started as salwar kameez started coming in various print combinations and fabric. In the 1980’s Fashion designers started entering into designer wear salwar kameez but were not able to garner much market as it was not possible for them to reach a wide and diverse market like India. Bollywood was again the inspiration from normal Indian women as it had wide reaching effect through its cinema and Television which was totally domainted by Doordarshan, an Indian Government Enterprises. The 1980’s also bought colored television in every home with the start of Asain Games in India. The 1990’s were dominated by the designers who entered and controlled the salwar kameez market in India and ven bollywood like never before. New Designs, Styles and cuts make into being and salwar kameez transformed itself from Indian Traditional wear to Indo – wester wear. The 2000’s bought Salwar Kameez a New Market for the elite and middle class women of India with large No.s of Malls opening all across India. Even Designer Stores came into being all over India with even speciality stores across major town and cities of India where under one store you could find designs of Known Indian Fashion Designer under one roof. Today the salwar kameez is very popular Indian wear which is worn from day to day wear to office wear to wedding, parties, festivals and functions. The Salwar kameez makes an Indian women figure appealing and stunning due to its flowing fabric matched by Indian women body figure. The salwar kameez is divided into three different set. The first is the salwar which is more of baggy trousers which is tied by a string on the waist or even with elastic. The kameez form the top the salwar kameez which flows from the top till the knees or can be above or below the knees as per styling. Then the last set is the dupatta which is a free flowing fabric about 2 meters in length. A complete salwar kameez of an average size can be made in 6.25 meters. The salwar is made in 2.25 meters, the kameez is made in 2 mtrs and the dupatta is made in 2 meters. The total of 6.25 meters can vary as per large sizes and also as per the designing of the salwar kameez. The salwar kameez is made in various fabrics like silk is normally worn in winter being a hotter fabric while cotton with embroidery on the salwar or other degns are worn in summers. Georgette and chiffon are ever green fabric and is used in lot of salwar kameez. You can buy India Fashion Expo Latest Salwar Kameez from our online shop and store at sale price with delivery to us, uk, canada, europe, australia and worldwide



This Saree is worn by million of Indian women all across the globe. The Saree has age old history which has transformed itself over many centuries but the basic of saree remains the same. The Saree not only exhibits grace, elegance and tradition but also has charmed many Hollywood actresses due to its sensuality. We have found reference to Saree as Indian women clothing since ages. The saree history goes back to Indus valley civilization which was around 2000 B.C. During that time period saree was worn as a fabric with no blouse or petticoat or glamour of Today. Even ancient epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata had reference to Saree. The Saree is worn not only in India but in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka and to some extent Pakistan where saree is in decline today due to Islamic culture. A saree is one of the most worn and famous women clothing in India. The Saree is normally of 6 meters although its length can vary as per the designer. The Saree is draped around the waist with one end of the saree going over the shoulders and the other around the waist. The Saree is worn along with a petticoat and a blouse. The petticoat becomes the inner below the waist area while the Blouse covers the top body area and the saree is draped over it. The saree comes in various types depending on the state in India as different states have different prints of saree, different material of saree and different embroidery on the saree. The way a saree is worn also depends on the various states as some saree are worn with a straight pallu while some wear the saree with ulta pallu. The saree design on the fabric is complimented by Hand embroidery which is further divided into various style like Thread embroidery, bead or antique embroidery and sequin or stone embroidery. The hand embroidered saree is expensive as all the work is done by hand artisans who can take almost a month to complete one saree. To make a saree the hand artisan first stretches the saree fabric on a four leg frame and stitches the borders of the frame to the saree border. The frame is known as “adda”. After attaching the saree to the frame the hand artisans choose a needle depending on the type of embroidered saree they wish to make. The needle comes in various forms like Aari needle etc. The needle is filled with the thread along with the material to be added and the thread is taken from the top of the saree to below the saree from under the adda or the frame. Then the trained artisan’s does specific wrist movement to get the material stitched and placed on the saree with intricate details on the fabric of the saree. To make a hand embroidered saree is a very slow process as each material is carefully stitched to saree one by one. To see how to a saree is made is a very interesting and requires lot of patience. The Saree has a very ancient history in the Indian subcontinent although the modern trends and styles have changed with many new designs, styles and fusion fabric coming in the market. You can buy India Fashion Expo Latest Saree from our online shop and store at sale price with delivery to us, uk, canada, europe, and Australia.



The sarees is traditional dress worn by women in India. The sarees have an ancient history and is Still considered a traditional clothes among the Indian People. The Sarees is part of Clothes that Indian women wear not only in Traditional Ceremony but also in Parties and day to day wear. Sarees clothing is made of various Fabric which is on an average 6 mtrs in length and is 44 inches broad. If you go to any region or state in India you will find Sarees Clothes as part of every women’s wardrobe. These clothes come in variety of fabric and embroidery making each sarees clothing different from each othe. Sarees Clothes is worn along with an inner petticoat and a blouse. Many clothes shops in India will have this Tradition Sarees displayed in their outlets and showrooms. Designer prefer to call their Sarees clothes shop as boutiques. Indian Sarees is preferred as clothes and clothing buy not only Indians in India but even NRI’s. Although lot of foreigner have also shown keen intrest in this fascinating Clothing that is sarees clothes. You can buy India Fashion Expo Latest Sarees from our online shop & store at sale price with delivery to us, uk, canada, europe and Australia.

Indian Jewellery

Indian Jewellery

India History of making Indian jewellery goes back the longest and the oldest in the history of the world. Indian started making Indian Jewellery since more than 5000 years during the Indus Valley Civilization. Even in the Indian Epics of Ramayana and Mahabarta the reference of Indian Jewellery is there. Indian jewellery during the Indus Valley civilzation were made in Beads. The size of beads in the Indian Jewellery was about one millimeter. Over the years people of Indus valley innovated in making Indian Jewellery from not only beads but also Gold and Metal. Indian Jewellery were worn by both men and women but it found its preference mainly in Indian women over the years. By the 300 BC era Indian started mining Diamonds. The minig of Diamond added the sparkle to Indian Jewellery with use of Diamonds now being common in Indian Jewellery along with gold, silver and copper. Even Today in India you will find every women wearing Indian Jewellery from real to Artificial. Especially during the Indian wedding the jewellery worn is the best and the heaviest the women has. The use of Indian Jewellery worn during wedding and festivals is considered not only auspicious but also displays the Richness or Royaly of the wearer. Indian Jewellery has become part of Indian culture, heritage and tradition. Indian Jewellery makes an Indian women feminine and sensual. Indian Jewellery offers a variety of collection from Traditional Indian Jewellery to modern Jewellery which are much lighter amd simpler compared to traditional Indian jewellery. The more jewellery has a more of western approach in its design. Indian Jewellery prefered by Indian women are more of Gold Jewellery or Diamond Jewellery. Gold Indian Jewellery along with the use of Precious stones Like Kundan etc. are also prefered by Indian Women. As the Gold and Diamond Indian Jewellery are prefered by Indian women but in Day to Day wear such Jewellery is less commonly used and Indian Fshion Jewellery and Costume Jewellery has takes its place. Such Indian jewellery are made using imitation stones and metal with gold or silver polish and are less expensive compared to the real jewellery. Famous traditional Indian Jewellery has meeakari and use of Kundan in Indian Jewellery. Indian Jewllery is not only worn in the Neck as necklace but its worn in ears as earings, in nose as nose rings, in anklets, forehead as Maang Tikka or Tikka and in hands as bagles or bracelet. You can buy India FashionExpo Latest Indian Jewellery like earrings, Necklaces, Barcelet and Indian Bangles from our online shop and storein India at salet price with delivery to us, uk, canada, europe and Australia.

Lehenga Choli

Lehenga Choli

Lehenga Choli Lehenga choli is a breathtaking beautiful ensemble which signifies the rich Indian heritage and traditional way of dressing which enables a woman to explore her womnliness in full glory. Lehenga choli is one of the oldest Indian attire which has evolved in a big way over the decades and is becoming more and more demanding all over the world. The beauty and charm of Lehenga choli has always fascinated people in different parts of the world and so they love buying this attire through online shopping. Earlier lehenga choli was mainly worn by brides on their wedding day. It will not be wrong to say that a richly and lavishly ornamented Lehenga choli is the cultural and ethnic outfit for an Indian Bride. But today young girls/women also wear lehenga choli on different occasion such as wedding reception, mehndi ceremony, engagement function, cocktail party and the list goes on. This ever increasing fascination and admiration of people for Indian Lehenga choli has today created a huge market of lehenga choli where one can find Bridal Lehenga choli, wedding Lehenga, party wear Lehenga choli etc. The lehenga choli are beautifully ornamented in intricate and very fine hand craftsmanship done with sparkling sequins, stones, moti, dabka, resham and zari embroidery. Lehenga choli were originally made with lot of kalis but now Lehenga choli has a very wide range with different cuts and styles. Fish cut Lehenga choli, Lehenga with bustier style choli, straight fit Lehenga choli are few to be mentioned. The fabric used in Lehenga choli has also become very varied, from georgette, chiffon, silk and satin to even brocade these days.Designers are also designing Lehenga choli in new range of colors other than the usual red, maroon, pink . The new colors of Lengha choli are turquoise blue lengha, lemon yellow Lehnga, mehndi green Lengha, old rose pink Lengha, wine color Lengha etc giving a new look and dimension to this stunning looking Indian Dress. You can buy India Fashion Expo Latest Lehenga choli, lengha, lehnga from our online shop and store at sale price with delivery to us, uk, canada, europe and Australia